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Machine Vision is Key to Industry 4.0 and IoT

Machine vision joins machine learning in a set of tools that gives consumer- and commercial-level hardware unprecedented abilities to observe and interpret their environment. In an industrial setting, these technologies, plus automation and higher-speed networking, add up to a new industrial revolution — Industry 4.0. They also offer brand-new ways to conduct low-waste, high-efficiency industrial […]

Why Do Executives Hesitate to Automate?

Embracing automation is like eating your vegetables: unpleasant in the moment, but essential for your company’s long-term health. It’s no secret that automation can be disruptive. Employees have to learn how to operate with and alongside machines. For some, that means learning new software applications and processes. Other roles may be reconfigured altogether. But that […]

12 of the Web’s Best Business Bots

You’re gearing up your business’s growth strategy to leverage AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), NLP (natural language processing) and a menu of other robo-acronyms. Let’s take a look at why AI chatbots are a unicorn growth tool for businesses using AI today. Here are twelve of the web’s best business bots. Why Are Bots […]