Your New Google Password is your Phone

Do you know that ‘Your New Google Password is your Phone’? Yes, its true! Now you can use your Android Smart Phone to get access your google account on any other device. The benefit of this feature is that you don’t need to type your password every time you want to login to your google account from any other device. It makes your account more secure as nobody can track your password, even if the device you are using is not so secure.

How to activate Google Account Password on your Phone?

Go to from a secure device. It will ask you for your password. Now go to “Signing in to Google” section. Here you will find the option to turn on this feature.

Once you click to activate this feature, it will do certain checks, such as finding your android phone which is using the same google account and checking if the screen lock is enabled or not. If your screen lock in not enabled then it will ask you to do so, to make your account secure.

After completing a few steps this feature will be turned on.

What if my phone is not handy?

In such case, you will have the option to enter the password and access the account.

What if my phone is lost and somebody else tries to access my google account?

To save you from such a hack, Google checks if your screen lock is enabled before turning on this feature. If your phone is lost and in a locked condition then it’s secure. However, you can easily track your phone or disable google account in that phone by simply accessing the page from any other device. You can also erase the sensitive data from your phone using this service.

Every technology has its own benefits and drawbacks. But found this feature quite safe and makes your Google account more secure.

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