Big Data –How to tame it?


With the exponential growth in the business sector over the years, it has become a real challenge to manage ever-increasing data. As you know how critical data is to your business, sound and effective data storage and retrieval system is the need of the hour to handle those complex and voluminous “Big Data”.
Big Data
Big data as the name refer to data sets, which are large and complex, and cannot be stored and processed using traditional data processing software or database management tools. Due to complexity and huge volumes of big data, it becomes really challenging to manage data in terms of capturing, storing, analyzing, searching, querying, etc. Today’s highly competitive business world relies heavily on data analysis to gauge business trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. The need for better data management is felt with the same intensity around the world as it gives you the strength to capitalize on the opportunities that you may not be able to see without smart data analysis.
Concepts associated with Big Data
• Volume: Means amount of data, which is increasing with every passing hour. With the advent of social media and heavy usage of social media applications, there has been an exponential increase in the data volumes, which will only see the upward trend.
• Variety: Massive data is getting generated by different sources in a structured or unstructured manner that in a variety of ways. Unlike previous days when data used to mean excel data or data from database applications, these days’ data is getting generated as audio, video, image, etc. This form of unstructured data poses a challenge for data capturing, storing, analyzing, etc.
• Velocity: It refers to the speed at which data is getting generated from different sources over a period of time. With social media affecting, rather controlling the lives of people; you can actually have insights and do the business should you be able to handle the velocity.
• Veracity: Veracity means the non-reliability of data due to missing/ incomplete and inconsistent data. In the case of voluminous and varied data, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain the accuracy and quality of data.
• Value: It means value-addition to your cause. Storing huge data does no good if it is unable to do any value addition. In other words, big data with corporations are useless if it does not translate into increased profits.
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