Top 10 Best English to Bangla Dictionary Apps (Offline)

Bangla to English or English to Bangla dictionary app is useful for Bangali student. If you are going to travel in Bangal then you must have English to Bangla dictionary and translator to convert your English word in Bangla language. It will help in conversation with Bangali locals.

If you want to learn Bengali language then these Bangla dictioanry app will be helpful for you. You can search any english word and get Bengali word. Isn’t interesting? You can also go with English Hindi dictionary app for translating word from Hindi to English or English to Hindi. As like same you can go for Urdu English dictionary app. And if you are Nepali then have a look English Nepali Dictionary App.

So, In this article, I am going to share best English to Bangla dictionary app for Android device. Just install them in your Android mobile and use to convert Bangla word to English word.

Best Bangla English Dictionary App

Below is the best offline Bangla dictionary app. Some dictionary app also helps you in translating word from English to Bangla. Let’s see best Bangla dictionary.

#1. English Bangla Dictionary

#2. English to Bangla Dictionary

#3. Google Bangla Translate

#4. Yandex Bangla Translate Offline

#5. Microsoft Bangla Translator

#6. iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

#7. Translate Voice – Bangla Dictionary

#8. Easy Language Translator

#9. Easy Bangla Language Translator

#10. Instant Bangla Translator

So, These are the best English to Bangla and Bangla to English Dictionary app for Android user. I hope these Bangla dictionary is perfect for you. Now, You can search unlimited Bangla – English word with definition, syno-anto and sound pronounciation.

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